Hollywood smile

Hollywood Smile Medical Centre is a family-based medical centre that has been operating since 1981. Since then, they have provided dental care services to the local citizens and residents of Abu Dhabi and the other emirates. They were doing good business, but primarily through legacy-based word of mouth. Due to an increase in competition and a boom in digital marketing in the region, they faced challenges attracting new clients.
Based on the niche and the target audience, we initiated result-oriented Snapchat ads by incorporating the right messaged video content, for which we came up with commercial content production.



Social Media Ads

Ensuring the social media ads effectively reach and resonate with the specific local Emirati audience. This challenge might involve understanding the unique preferences and cultural sensitivities of the local audience to create content that genuinely connects with them and drives engagement and appointments.

Content Production

Tailoring the content production to effectively resonate with the local audience while emphasizing cultural relevance and local values. This challenge might involve understanding the intricacies of the local culture and ensuring that the content is respectful and aligns with the values of the community.


In effectively delivering our message to a local audience, our content production efforts for a dental practice specializing in orthodontics and implants emphasized cultural relevance and local values. This approach resonated with the community, enhancing brand recognition and trust, ultimately leading to increased patient engagement and trust.
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