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Positioned in the healthcare industry, this client came to us with a new start in the competitive market, primarily with a paid approach. We initiated with PPC ads, and we struggled at first, but we managed to successfully penetrate the market with the intelligence of our professionals.


Increase the number of visitors to the website to boost brand exposure.
Generate high-quality leads through form submissions or other contact methods.
Outperform the established competitors in search results and ad placement.
Maximize the ROI by controlling ad spend and increasing conversions for a startup.

Key Challenge

Confident Care, as a new brand and market entrant, needed a strategy to execute a powerful market entrance! Without paid advertising experience, our role was to provide strategic direction and capitalize on their investment in search engine marketing.


With the client prepped and ready to launch, our target was to build out a sales funnel to prospect a cold audience, which is already familiar with 2-3 existing big names in the market.

We worked on a paid advertising strategy to make the particular audience familiar with the brand through constant competition on the ads to drive more traffic, which ultimately helped in converting them.

With proper and active optimization, we were able to achieve the objectives of brand awareness, lead generation, and constant growth in our revenue stream.

Results/Key Stats

Campaigning from February 2023 to October 2023, the client received 5.8k bookings for a competitive healthcare service and an 8.46% conversion rate from the ad campaigns.

The campaigns were run in three different locations—Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Bahrain—and generated a whopping 1.5 million AED in revenue from 416k AED in ad spend.

Data Doesn’t Lie

Approx. 9 months of paid growth with google ads management


Key Takeaways

Website clicks of 31k
5.8k new bookings
8.6% of incredible conversion rate
AED 1.5 million of whooping revenue

Ethan Thompson
Clinical Operations Manager

We are delighted with the personalized service we received and will continue to receive as we develop our business. When your entire company relies on lead generation, you have to choose someone you trust implicitly to take care of you, and that's exactly what we did. Our business is going from strength to strength with the backing of these digital experts and their supportive team.
We have been very pleased with the performance, energy, and attention to detail the Sponge team has given us. We've seen a significant uplift in key PPC metrics across the board, including a 501.09% rise in AROI.
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