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This is an award-winning paediatric multi-specialty clinic in Dubai. Although this client has an established clinic, it was a challenge to compete digitally for them. We pitched them for organic growth and started working strategically on SEO. We worked on the relevant and well-performing keywords with the use of quality backlinks and other key aspects to attain consistently optimized outcomes.


Optimize the ranking of specific keywords on search engine results pages to top 10.
Drive more convertible visitors to the website through organic search results.
Optimize for local search to attract customers within a specific geographic area.
Monitor and surpass competitors in search engine rankings and online presence.

that converts

Key Challenge

The primary challenge was a high level of competition to begin with and coming up with a more precise approach to meet the goals. We had to be proactively adaptable to market-specific practices to outsmart the competition and marginally optimize the keywords.


After understanding the client's objective, we aimed to meet the milestones with a proper executional framework to disrupt the already active competition on organic leads.

There were numerous things to be fixed on the website before starting with a proper SEO, which were effectively resolved to set a workable foundation for us. We came up with proper keyword research to target the relevant user-based search terms and moved forward with SEO and user-friendly content. We consumed a network of authoritative and quality backlinks to aid the content for website optimization.

With constant efforts, we were able to achieve the desired results and the objectives related to the whole service.

Results/Key Stats

Our strategic SEO efforts yielded remarkable results for our client. We witnessed a substantial increase in website clicks, with an impressive count of 12.2k, along with a staggering total of 596k impressions.

This led to an extraordinary 5% average click-through rate (CTR), and most importantly, the average position of targeted keywords improved remarkably, with an average ranking position of 12.5, showcasing the effectiveness of our targeted optimization strategies.
Increase in
Increase in
Website Views

Data Doesn’t Lie

Approx. 4 months of paid growth with SEO management


Key Takeaways

Website clicks of 12.2k
596k of Total impressions
5% of incredible average CTR
252% increase in page views
Average keywords position of 12.5

Noura Al-Mansoor
Medical Marketing Specialist

We made a website earlier but never capitalized on it. But when we connected with Sponge Agency, they convinced us to work on the SEO. We had some technical issues arise on our website that were also acting against the site. Sponge Agency was able to deliver a solution to the issues, and it was quite a price-effective solution compared to some of those that we explored. From there, it was just about a good strategy going forward to raise that rank over time.
Our website was created from a design point of view rather than an SEO point of view, so Sponge Agency was able to give us some guidance, like ensuring the content on particular pages was appropriate for the search algorithm. The outcome with respect to the technical issue was fixed, and their effective strategy helped to rank on core keywords over time. We’re hovering on the first page for most of the core keywords now; that’s a significant improvement from where we started, and we hope to get better traction on page one going forward.
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