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SR Signature the Haute Couture brand approached us after a few months of its launch, seeking a robust marketing strategy. With the aim of having an organic reach to a desired target audience, our team worked precisely to craft a compelling online presence. Leveraging social media management, we focused on creating buzz around the brand's unique offerings and vibrant collection.


Position as a mid-to-high-tier luxury brand in the competitive market.
Organically increase engagement and followers.
Tie in experts and influencers to curate their social media and reflect the marketing messaging via social media content.
Use relevant social platforms as a way to generate buzz for promotions.

that converts

Key Challenge

The ladies apparel industry is a highly competitive industry that generates a huge amount of noise on social media! We had to cut through the noise and make the client stand out.


We put a big focus on high-quality visual content, elevating an already aesthetically appealing brand, stopping the scroll, and hitting them with that real WOW factor. A big emphasis on increasing engagement means we wanted to get social engagers to save or share content for instant or future purchases.

People are loyal to certain apparel brands, and we wanted to foster that on social media. By humanizing the brand with influencers, we made the brand more prominent on the feed, sharing the content to get more and more reach and credibility.

We also pushed for strong calls to action, directing traffic to make purchasable decisions.

Results/Key Stats

Over  months we achieved incredible growth for our client, increasing their Instagram engagement by 10,907% and their Facebook engagement by 5,086%.

Their followers grew on both Instagram and Facebook by over 21%, while their combined reach increased by 81,911%.
Increase Of Instagram
Increase Of Facebook
Increase Of Both
Platforms Reach

Data Doesn’t Lie

3 months of growth organic results from Instagram & Facebook!


Key Takeaways

+27k new followers
Engagement increased by 10,907%
Reach increased by 63,056k%
Website clicks increased by 8,300%
Profile visits increased by 9,701%


Key Takeaways

+9.3k new followers
Engagement increased by 5,086%
Reach increased by 17,944%
Profile visits increased by 4,701%

Sahar Kotbi
Brand Manager

We have used Sponge Agency for over a year to manage our organic social media. During that period, our fashion brand saw significant growth in revenue. Sponge has played a pivotal role in making this happen. We had our first label for four years before giving it a shot.
Sponge's ability to get our products in front of a much larger number of target customers enabled us to significantly move the needle. They made the required effort to understand our business and our target customer profiles. It’s been a pleasure going on this journey with them. Based on the bad experiences I’ve heard from other business owners who’ve engaged poor-performing agencies, I feel very fortunate to have found Sponge. Trust is essential in any business partnership; Fouzia’s integrity has earned our trust from the first day we worked together.

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