social media strategy

Our social media management pre-requisite for a reason!

A tailored content strategy, full of content prompts to reach our goals and actionable recommendations on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.

Done For You

Receive laid out, step-by-step, actionable instructions on how to grow your organic social media accounts.


A content plan full of implementable prompts and useful tools that can be used as a monthly framework – in house, or through us.

Your Organic Strategy

Customised to a tee

Kicking off with an in-depth questionnaire that covers all areas of your business, we collect information to understand your USP, listen to your goals, and develop a strategy document with clear deliverables. It includes:
Foundations - an outline of your account goals, your audience segments, and how we’re going to use social media to meet these goals.
Account health check - provides an overview of what is and isn't working and discovers untapped opportunities in your strategy.
Debrief on your competitors' social accounts - let's see what is and isn't working for your competitors and where your brand has leverage.
Actionable recommendations - covering everything from your Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok account. It also covers, where relevant, other potential digital marketing efforts to explore.
Instagram Reel/TikTok prompts - includes a breakdown of Instagram Reel/TikTok prompts and an explanation of how to film and execute in-house.
Bespoke content strategy - covering content frequency, content creation, a creative aesthetic with visual guidelines, a moodboard, content pillars, hashtag pillars, and more.
A one-month content plan - full of prompts for implementation that can be used as a framework across multiple months.
Engagement strategies and community outreach tactics - to connect with your target market.
Outline of metrics - so you can understand how results will be measured to determine the impact and effectiveness of social media strategies.
Plus -  on any other relevant strategies tied to your organic social media marketing efforts.
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Designed for those who want to overhaul their social media with a strategically tailored plan for success. We put the focus on data and results, and we show you how to tweak your organic social media marketing strategies to make the numbers work for you.
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The team at Sponge is very experienced and goes out of their way to achieve discussed milestones and targets. Highly recommended.
Elie Abirached
Restore Fitness
I appreciate sponge agency prompt communication and ability to adapt to my changing needs. I highly recommend it for anyone's digital marketing needs.
Raya Haoula
Pitter Patter

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