Responsive content always leads to victory. The audience runs the market. What was a hit yesterday is obsolete today. You cannot let your business go unseen in the digital era. Digital marketing has seen a change over the years. If the statistics of 2020 are to believe, 60% of B2C marketers use content marketing strategies. If that is not enough, the marketers report that content is the most valuable asset for their business. Content marketing is not about uploading content for the audience and waiting for the footfalls. You will need a web development company that knows the content marketing trends to help you achieve your organizational goals.

The audience is on the digital platform; it is the best chance to entice them with the content they seek. A publisher creates the most exciting stories and substance that allure the customers to read and share. More awareness about the content becomes better for the brand when the demand for the brand increases, followed by revenue generation. So how does one get to know the right content marketing trends? Read further as we unleash the top 10 content marketing trends of 2022-23.

1. E.A.T & YMYL- Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness (E.A.T) aligns with Your-Money-Your-Life ( YMYL)

YMYL pages impact the audience’s health, happiness, safety or financial stability. It means you cannot use keywords without making sense of them. You need to know how to publish the content on your website. Use long-form content that attracts more traffic and is more authoritative. Google trusts and evaluates the search results based on good or bad content aligning with E.A.T. There is a huge role a web development company has to conduct to top rank the page on SERP.

2. Unique style of story narration

Visual content is trending for they appeal to the audience and have a better retention power. You will find viewers scrolling their mobile absent-mindedly and looking for a video to draw their attention. 20-30 seconds that may depict real stories, funny videos, educational videos, how-to use product videos, testimonials, and other ways, that are trending. Don’t forget the Instagram reels that viewers love making it viral. This is where content production expertise comes in and provides services for testimonial videos, promotional videos, and animated videos.

3. Use of mobile web

One of the most accessible tools to access online content is the mobile web. Viewers may face limited data plans, slower processing speeds, and network issues that make the content unviewed. Accelerated Mobile Pages (A.M.P.)[1] articles appear in the mobile web browser on the Google search result page at the top featuring publication logos and thumbnail images. High visibility of the brand to the audience by doing this practice.

4. Tapping all the Social media platforms

Be it Gen X, Millennials or Gen Z, the world is on social media. Can there be a better way to tap your brand content than this platform? Trending on social media is the most happening thing for the audience, and everyone is on the verge of getting maximum likes, shares, and comments. Brands must take advantage of it. Some of the best digital agencies in Dubai take advantage of this platform by providing content for the social media platforms like, ‘ know what your sun sign means?’ the audience takes a glance, like it, shares it, and makes it viral. There is more user engagement and interactive content. The result is brand trending, and trending brands increase lead-generating revenue.

5. Use User-generated content

USG is directly reciprocal to the brand. It is the most trustworthy and genuine form of content on the web. It could be in product photos, product reviews, product feedback, online reviews, audio files and many other modes. The on-site awareness creates and provides a rhythmical calling. In addition, U.S.G. provides a wider reach and exposure. For instance, creating a campaign for your brand using hashtags makes it a trend, and the thread is long to target the audience.

6. Usage of Podcasts[2]

Audio is trending, and podcasts make the audience glued to their earplugs. It is an episodic series of digital media files with 100% organic content. It helps users to set up new episodes automatically downloaded via web syndication to any portable media. Marketers are now becoming sponsors of podcasts providing importance to the brand.

7. The new CRM Chatbots[3]

How about creating a conversational tool for customers to create a one-to-one relationship? The use of A.I. or scripts enhances the utility function. Chatbots are marvelous for F.A.Q. Support. They offer tailored based answers to the common questions asked by customers. It is the future of CRM as it is cost-effective and 24 X7 available.

8. Getting personalized through email marketing

Email marketing is an ongoing trend where every publisher tries to capture the market. You must hire a web development company that follows the norms of email marketing content. Create personalized content to win the hearts of viewers. Keep the matter crisp and concise—for example, email through a human address instead of The knack is to tell and not sell. Use analytics to monitor what is popular; For instance, address the customer by their first names while sending recommendations, newsfeeds, reviews, surveys, and more. Allow email list subscribers to a particular email newsletter featuring your brand, and you can then gradually introduce other features.

9. Include Metaverse in content marketing

Metaverse is the new normal in content marketing. It provides opportunities in the augmented and virtual reality worlds. With VR and A.R. gadgets around, Metaverse increases engagement. It provides user-generated content. It is active. Moreover, it exists in real-time as it synchronizes with real-world time.

10. Project Lightning from Twitter[4] aggregating content by checking the images, videos, and updates to create news and facts about stories. It aims to engage the viewers who consume its content without necessarily signing up for the service on its Twitter account.


Before using the right content marketing trend, you must define your content marketing mission. Draft a plan as per the audiences’ choice periodically. With little investment, you could also measure your content marketing R.O.I. by their reach, engage and convert new audiences. Hire the best digital agencies in Dubai to understand your content attribution and engagement. Google analytics may not provide you with the exact driving engagement. Sponge Agency L.L.C. is a brand you can trust for all your digital needs. You must get the numbers high on the digital platform; we help you do that seamlessly. There is no better way than to give the audience what they want. By incorporating the above trends, your brand will be on cloud 9. In a nutshell, make the content rich in reaching happy customers. Let us meet over a coffee to understand which trend is grand for your business.